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Why Every Couple Needs a Love Nest

Love is like a big opened box of chocolate – you try everything at least once but tend to lean towards your favorite flavors. Whether your relationship flavor is kissing under the stars or dancing in your favorite urban spots downtown relationship problems can be fixed with a little tender loving care and solid love advice. The most effective and recommended love advice we can give is to encourage you to find a love nest that fits you and your partner’s individual and couple’s style.

Love Nest – A Possible Cure for Relationship Problems

Relationships are complex. They are not one dimensional and there is not a one size fits all approach that is effective. Why do you think counselors and relationship physiatrists come in all shades, types, and sizes? Relationships are as vast and unique as the individuals involved in them. Due to the varied nature of people and personality types many relationship problems can arise. We turn to love advice and trending new relationship advice only to find that nothing seems to fit perfectly like a glove for our unique relationship challenges.

Here is the key – a love nest. Not just any old love nest one that makes sense for the both of you. Just because Jim and Jenny vacationed in the Bahamas and Mom and Dad went to that famous marriage retreat you heard about a while back does not mean it is right for you guys. You have to consider the kinds of things you and your partner enjoy. If you do not consider these things then the time you spend together at your nest may simply results in added stress and weight to your already fragile relationship situation.

We find that asking questions is the first step to sound love advice and a great way to start solving your relationship problems. Do you guys love boogey boarding together? Do you find joy in walking trails? Do you love spending money on all of life’s luxuries? Do you both appreciate the taste of a fine whiskey or a imported beer? Is football what makes you guys stick together like glue? Or is it fly fishing? Whatever it is that binds you your love nest should feature and offer it in abundance.

What Is A Love Nest?

When we think of a love nest we think of a getaway that is secluded with a beautiful bed and glorious view. However, love nests come in an array of flavors and variations. A love nest can be created at home, in your backyard, in your favorite city, or across the globe. It is wherever you want it to be. It is simply a place you and your partner frequently visit to reconnect and ensure your relationship is balanced and healthy.

How to Choose a Love Nest

A love nest does not need to be elaborate or expensive – it simply has to have what matters to the both of you. There are three main things to consider:

  • Sleeping Accommodation – Choose somewhere private and can fit both of you. Picking a tiny half size room is not romantic, however, a sweet bed and breakfast is ideal for creating a cozy retreat.
  • Housekeeping – The point of a love nest is to spend time together not spend time cleaning. The very purpose of a love nest is to get away and enjoy each other not scrubbing toilets and picking up.
  • Dining Options – Eating is essential to life. Choose a love nest that has affordable dining options. Whether it features a small kitchen that lets you whip up sandwiches and champagne or cafes within walking distance – be sure to choose a place that is conveniently located (or pack food). Use Google maps to help you determine some easy dining options – select “walking route” for the most realistic information as you scout for your nest.

Types of Love Nests

Love nests are just as vast and varied as the couples who frequent them. There are several types of love nests so it is best to simply categorize them for simplicity. Remember that the key to choosing a love nest is to remember the purpose of one. You need a love nest that is your relationship getaway – a safe haven for the two of you to simply be – together. In today’s hustle and bustle with every company and family member bombarding you with noise it is imperative that your love nest provide you with a place of rest and comfort that helps you reconnect with each other.

You may find that you enjoy more than one love nest type and so swapping them out and mixing and matching is a great way to keep things fresh and affordable year around.

Energy and Excitement Love Nests

An Energy and Excitement Love Nest is highly coveted by active couples. These love nests can include hiking trails, amusement parks, and rock climbing. Couples who enjoy time together doing more active activities will find these spots practically anywhere. From campgrounds to neighborhood parks an affordable love nest is easily found in this category. To find a love nest that promotes energy and excitement first search locally to cut and control cost.

Serene and Calm Love Nests

If you are a couple that enjoys museums, arts, and festivals than leisurely recreation is more up your alley. Leisure recreation can involve simple activities such as cruising through an art exhibit, real estate auctions, or touring wine vineyards. For couples looking for a getaway that is more casual and relaxed than Serene and Calm Love Nests are ideal for a easy time together that fosters unity and quality time spent.

Romantic and Satisfying Love Nests

The Romantic and Satisfying Love Nests category involves activities that are simple and romantic. These nests are often the “go to” for many couples. The issue with always choosing love nests in this category is that they tend to be over priced and in high demand. These are love nest at the MGM Grand Hotel in Las Vegas or in Maui. These love nests are often hosted on tropical island or at exclusive destinations and include cabins or cottages on lakes or beachside.

Kid Friendly Love Nests

Sometimes childcare is such a burden that it literally saves you money if you simply bring the kids along. The Kid Friendly Love Nests category includes activities that are family friendly and yet offer you the flexibility of being romantic as the day ends and the children are put to bed. These locations include simple amusement parks that feature rides and kid friendly dining options. The best Kid Friendly Love Nests are ones located near family or friends that would be willing to chip in a few hours to give the two of you some quality time together.

We believe in love on a budget and romance 24/7. Our goal is to provide you and your love with the best options for keeping your spark alive all year long. Discover couple friendly destinations, realistic relationship tips, and a few other tid bits.

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