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6 Reasons the Mandalay Bay Hotel is a Lovely Love Nest

Getting away for a bit of time alone with our spouses means finding a special place that is a treat for the both of you. It is not about the luxurious lobby or the beautiful rooms; though admittedly both are quite impressive. A love nest is about enjoying your lover and keeping the sparks alive that brought you together in the first place – period. Thus nothing is more important when choosing a lover’s nest and we found that the Mandalay Bay Hotel and Resort is a good stop.

Our everyday responsibilities can sometimes impede our ability to rekindle and connect on a weekly basis; so choosing a love nest is about more than just the sleeping arrangements. If you have not read our article Why Every Couple Needs a Love Nest you may find it particularly useful as you continue your search and planning for your romantic getaway.

Mandalay Bay is one of the extravagant Vegas resorts and casinos located on the main strip in Las Vegas. The term strip refers to the long street that is jammed packed with the elaborate hotels we have all read about in magazines or saw in scenes in movies such as Ocean’s Eleven. The Mandalay Bay features 43 stories and operates its towers as the Delano and Four Seasons Hotel. This article references the actual Mandalay Bay Towers and Room Suites.

The Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino is considered to be part of the “new” Vegas.

The Vegas hotel is filled with amenities, shows, attractions, bars, slot machines, blackjack tables, and more. The most impressive thing to note about this hotel is that the staff will be there at your beck and call which ensures that your time away is not spent cleaning, cooking, or running around thus you and your love will be together, enjoying each other, and making memories just between the two of you. As you know we understand and push quality time together for lovers and know it to be the most important part of any relationship.

Here are eight reasons the Mandalay Bay is a lovely lovers nest that helps you make memories, reconnect, and keep your relationship strong and romantic.

At Home Housekeeping

Housekeeping at the Mandalay Bay is more than just about keeping your room tidy. They add special touches that make the most everyday task memorable and luxurious. The sheets have an exceptionally high thread count in every room and warm decor makes for a soothing stay that will make you both want to lie and bed and talk a little before beginning your day. Plush towels, and high quality complimentary toiletries make staying at the Mandalay Bay hotel an experience.  The hotel’s rooms were renovated in 2002 and again in 2007.

Luxurious and Affordable Room Accommodations

We are all about affordable here. The price of the rooms vary based on the time of year you plan to take your trip, however, the most notable part of the Mandalay Bay is that its most affordable and modest room is a luxurious experience in itself. No need to upgrade or pay for  the honeymoon suite. Its deluxe or “standard” rooms include floor-to-ceiling windows with some sort of view of either the strip, mountains, or beach, glass enclosed showers, over-sized soaking tubs, twin vanities (with a make-up mirror), a mini bar, his and her lighted closets, and plush pillow top mattresses. All of this fitted perfectly into 550 square feet of living space. Did we mention that there is no need to upgrade and that all that we described here is considered “standard”?

Couple Friendly Permanent Shows

Most Vegas hotel tends to offer a permanent show that is plays a show for a long span of time, such as two to four years. The Mandalay Bay impresses us because the shows are usually very neutral and couple friendly. You will not have to worry about half naked women or over exposed men’s chests with their shows – which is best for couples. From 1999 to 2003 the hotel hosted Chicago, in 2009 to 2011 the hotel hosted The Lion King. In 2013 it became the permanent host for Michael Jackson: One.

Location of the Nest

The Mandalay Bay can be thought of as the hub with access to much. It features 24 elevators rooms and a tram that connects it to Excalibur and Luxor. It is located on the strip and offers direct access to it without the need to grab a taxi making exploring Vegas easy and affordable – just be sure to pack comfortable walking shoes. Additionally, you will not need to leave to eat, drink, or sleep. The hotel pretty much enables guests to be self-contained on their premises which makes it a tad more affordable and convenient for lovers due to their need to not go too far from their nest.

The Mandalay Beach

You and your love can enjoy a day by this Vegas hotel’s 11 acres pool spread. Relaxation is one of the key components to rejuvenation and rekindling love in a relationship. To protect and promote your time together the Mandalay Bay offers three heated pools, a “wave pool”, and a lazy river. Beware the Moorea pool – the one surround by smoked glass because it allows female guest to bathe topless (unless you are both exhibitionist) but be sure to flirt in the wave pool as their is height requirement that may reduce the amount of interruptions from younger guests enjoying the pool as well.

Eat Your Heart Out

The love and connection shared over a meal between lovers is priceless and the Mandalay Bay hotel is home to some of the most amazing restaurants on the strip. Visit  the wildly popular House of Blues for live music and a meal and Aureole if you find yourself in the romantic mood to splurge a little. Choosing from one of the 24 restaurants will be the only serious discussions you and your love have to make during your trip.

The Mandalay Bay is a lovely love nest that cultivates your love and gives you a much needed break from the outside world. Vegas is full of exciting attractions that will tempt you and your love to explore. Keep your trip focused on connecting with your love and create a cacoon that involves only the two of you eating and exploring each other to get the most out of this lover’s nest. We recommend that you take in one show, enjoy the luxurious room accommodations, opt for lounging poolside, or leisurely explore the casino for the most beneficial romantic getaway. Plan another trip for the exploring of Vegas and make this trip about the two of you.

We believe in love on a budget and romance 24/7. Our goal is to provide you and your love with the best options for keeping your spark alive all year long. Discover couple friendly destinations, realistic relationship tips, and a few other tid bits.

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