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5 Lessons Geese Can Teach Us About Love and Living Together

Geese are amazing. It is not just about living for them but surviving. Let’s look at the lessons that they can teach us about love and living in harmony with our partners. Love is a constant battle. It is nothing like in the movies. It is hard. It requires selflessness, persistence, constant care, and attention to details. Love is a fairytale and a masterpiece but most importantly it is what binds us together in our marriages.

Today we will take a close look at geese to learn about love. To see it from a very different perspective. To open our eyes and recognize that if God created creatures like geese to successfully love and live in harmony without knowing it or reading about it — surely we can too.

Geese teach us how to love, how to give, how to follow, and live in harmony. This post was inspired by the beautiful movie titled Fly Away Home that was released in 1996. It is a story about a teenage girl who lost her mother in a car accident and must live with her father. On his property she stumbles upon a nest of goose eggs. She takes them in, warms them, hatches them, and in the most amazing demonstration of love teaches them to fly. Here are a few lessons we can all heed as we learn and seek to love our partners more fully.

Lesson 1 – Step outside of your comfort zone.

In the movie the little girl stumbles upon the goose nest during a walk to learn of her new surroundings. When is the last time you took a close look at your partner to learn of his or her surroundings? Are there things that you can do to make their life easier such as pack a lunch or put gas in the car every Thursday? Stepping out of our comfort zone ensures that we are selfless and constantly giving to our partners. It communicates that you care for their well being and that you love being a part of their life — even the very mundane parts.

Lesson 2 – Think, plan, and implement.

In order to ensure that the geese grow up and survive on their own the little girl and her father had to develop a way to teach the geese to migrate during the winter. It was not a simple task and required careful preparations, sacrifices (the father had to sell things), and a plan. Not only did they have to plan the flight route but they also had to train the geese and get them into shape to make the trip. Geese fly for up to six hours a day. What do you do for your relationship every day or week? How many hours are you spending thinking about ways to satisfy your partner? What times do you carve out to spend time with them? Are you using that time as you should?

Lesson 3 – Create a map on where your relationship needs to go.

Mapping is the key to success in most things. Think of it as creating a strategy for your relationship. Geese take that same route to migrate every year. If we map out our relationship and what we want to accomplish as a team together you will find that your team has a steady plan and purpose. A reason to fly and soar. Mapping out your relationship is about planning to be together through the good times and the bad. Where do you want to live in five years? What are the goals you want to achieve around the house in three years?

Lesson 4 – Learn your partner.

Geese all have a place in the flock. They know their place and seem rather content in it. The best way to know our place is to know our partners. What makes them tick? When is the best times to communicate with him or her? What do they like eating? How long does it take from them to unwind? Learn your partner and learn how to love them in way that communicates that you do to them. A good starting point is trying to figure out your partner’s love language.

Lesson 5 – Keep going and going and going.

The most incredible part of the movie and learning so much about geese while watching it was that the geese just followed the little girl, whom they deemed to be their mother. They walked where she walked and fought to keep up. Are you following your partner? Are you allowing them to lead you and are fighting to keep up and help keep to the plan they have for your family? Are you fighting to protect your relationship? When was the last time you encouraged your partner to lead? When was the last time you told them that you trusted him to do so?

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